Anothersole: A traveller’s companion

In an ideal world, you have the “perfect” shoes in mind for each outfit you plan to bring when you travel. Of course, you want to match each of your OOTD with a nice pair of shoes but, the moment you give it a second thought, you always end up choosing between comfort vs fashion. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t want to risk a nice holiday by wearing shoes that’s fashionable but not very comfortable.

How about having that pair of shoes that would tick both fashion and comfort?Eureka!

 This is exactly the word that came out after buying my first pair of Anothersole! Whether you are in dress, shorts, skirt or even jeans – it can easily match your OOTD, plus it is VERY comfortable. Perfect for that long (and tiring) walk!


I fell in love with the brand. I remember my colleagues in the office asked me where I bought the shoes and they ended up buying more shoes than I own! There was also an instance where I was approached by a stranger in a restaurant and asked where I bought my shoes from. I take all that as a complement 🙂

In all my trips, I always have them on my luggage – regardless of the weather! Be in summer, spring, or even winter (at your own risk though – it’ll be freezing cold but I would say pretty durable!)


They have various colors and designs. Prices range from US$ 59 – 99 online. I believe they also have space in TANGS all over Singapore. Discover more about Anothersole here:

So… Are you thinking of getting one for yourself?

Tell me what your thoughts are by commenting below.

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5 thoughts on “Anothersole: A traveller’s companion

  1. I think the shoes look great on any outfit.. and comfort is a major plus. Will they be okay when wet (rain)? Keep up the great review, Talyn! 🙂


  2. Couldn’t agree more 🙂 I love their shoes plus somehow it gives a nice feeling for supporting their #BUY1FEED1 project, almost same with Toms.


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